Power Presentation Tip

Why are you speaking?
Be clear on why you are speaking.
Understand your purpose because that will help you be more successful.

Before you speak ask yourself this critical question:
"What do I want people to do, think or feel after I speak?"

Whenever you deliver a business presentation you want to influence what your listeners do, think or feel.

When you prepare to speak ask that question of yourself – and be honest. If you don’t know why you are speaking your presentation will fail. If you don’t know why you are speaking you should not speak.

Once you know why, you can design your presentation to meet that goal. If you know where you are going you are more likely to get there.

If you know your purpose it will be easier for you to cut the unnecessary tangents. You will be more focused and your presentation will be more successful.

Some possible results that you might expect from your listeners:

Do you want them to -

Buy your product
Invest in your project
Support the team
Give you the money
Feel good about your role
Donate to your cause
Work harder to reach the goal
Recruit more members
Change their perspective
Believe in the dream
Promote the cause

What do you want people to do, think or feel after you speak?

Speak on purpose and you will achieve your purpose.

George Torok
The Speech Coach for Executives

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