Twist Clichés

You might have read an earlier post about the sin of using clichés when speaking. Don’t use clichés; it is boring and unimaginative. Repeating clichés portrays you like all the rest.

If you want to stand out, be different. You can still use clichés as a resource. But don’t repeat them the way you hear them. That is boring.

Instead - twist clichés to make them more interesting, surprising and memorable. Your audience will wake up when you twist a cliché into something more relevant, and they will remember and repeat your words.

Want some examples?

Better late than never - Better on time than late

Rome wasn’t built in a day - Home wasn’t built in a payday

Spinning your wheels - Winning your deals

Piece of cake – Price a steak

Slam dunk - Damn drunk

Sweetheart deal - Sweet tart steal

Take a bath - Stake a path

Street smarts – Sidewalk sense

Affairs of the heart – A fare of the cart

40 days and 40 nights – For the bays and for the sights

These are ideas. Use them, abuse them and amuse them.

George Torok
The Speech Coach for Executives
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