Caroline "You Know" Kennedy

Is Caroline "you know" Kennedy leadership material?

If leaders in general and political leaders in particular need to be powerful speakers, then Caroline Kennedy is not ready to lead.

Listen to this interview with Caroline Kennedy. I dare you to subject yourself to listening more than once. I appears that the US has found it's new tool of torture - listening to Caroline "you know" Kennedy speak for two minutes.

Listen to this interview and try counting the "you knows". Before you start, write down a number of "you knows" that you think would be acceptable for the average person to use in a two minutes. Then compare this with the actual.

How many "you knows" did you count. I got 30 - plus at least 5 ahs.

And what about that voice. It sounds tired and detached.

Do you even remember what she said? Her words are disjointed. What was her message? What is she passionate about? Would you follow this speaker?

Now there is a challenge for some speaking coach - "How to teach Caroline to speak like a Kennedy?"

Apparently Guantanomo is being closed and the US will not engage in any form of inhumane torture. Sorry Caroline - there goes that gig too.

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