Power Presentations Tip 17: In Closing

Power Presentations Tip 17

In Closing

The previous tip offered help on how to open your presentation. Now let's look at how to close.

The closing to your presentation could be the most important part. Why? Because it is the last words that your audience hears and we tend to remember the last thing the best.

For that reason craft your close with purpose and deliver it strongly. And rehearse it more than the rest of your presentation. Never read your close.

Transition phrases
Use these phrases to announce your close:

In closing my presentation...

I want to leave you with...

In summary...

The last words that you say
Here are three ways to close:

State a call to action.
This is one of the best ways to close because if they only remember the last words you spoke it will be your call to action. It will be more effective if you also stated your call to action earlier in your presentation, then this closing call to action becomes reinforcement - not a new idea.
Example: "Don't waste time, invest in yourself now."

Deliver a strong statement
You might reinforce the importance of customer service, the value of your proposal or the contribution your listeners can make to the cause.
Example: "When you demonstrate that you appreciate your customers - they will buy again."

Pose a rhetorical question
This is an effective way to close if you want to move their viewpoint or appeal to their emotions.
Example: "If you don't act today how many children will go hungry tonight?"

Final point
Don't end on "thank you". Save your thank you for after their applause. Here is the sequence. You give the gift of your presentation. They thank you with their applause and then you thank them for the applause.

It's not wrong to end on thank you. It's just a weak close and not the words that you want resonating in their heads. Too many speakers end on thank you because they didn't plan a good close.

Close strong - it's your lasting impression.

George Torok

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