Center yourself before you present

Center yourself before you start speaking.

Here is a simple yet helpful technique to center yourself before you start your presentation. I learned this technique from fellow professional speaker, Paul Huschilt. As well as being a professional speaker who specializes in wrapping up conferences and conventions, Paul Huschilt is also trained as an actor and an opera singer. So he knows some things about performing on stage and how to get ready for your presentation.

Here is the technique. You can do this just before you are introduced. It's a calming technique that might have zen roots.

Breathe slowly and deeply and get your mind into a calm state.

Then say these four statements silently while feeling the power in them.

1. I'm glad I'm here.

2. I'm glad that you're here.

3. I care about you.

4. I know what I know.

Go ahead and try it the next time that you speak.

George Torok

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