Presentation Skills: Body Language & TV

Presentation Skills: Body Language & TV

You can improve your presentation skills by watching TV.

TV is an audio-visual medium with extra emphasis on the video. To improve your presentation skills watch some of your favorite TV programs with the sound off. Of course you will miss the nuances of the words and details. But challenge yourself to watch and while trying to decipher what is going on and what the words might be.

I suggest you do this with a pen and paper to scribble down your thoughts as you experience them.

Don't worry about what you are missing. Write down all the things you notice. Note the emotions conveyed, the energy level, the relationships about the characters.

Then think about how you know those things. Now think about your presentations and what message your audience might receive if they have tuned you out. Is your body language consistent with your words? What do you need to change to convey the right message with your body language.

Turning the sound off works best for action, drama and comedy - but not for sports. Most game shows work well. Some of them are even better with the sound off.

Years ago, I back packed through Europe. While in Greece I attended a movie theatre. I watched a kung fu movie. The audio was in Chinese with Greek subtitles - neither of which I understand. However I enjoyed and understood the movie.

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