Presentation Skills: Zip it, Zip it good

Presentation Skills: Zip it, Zip it good.

Most presenters need to say less. They need to appreciate the power of silence in effective communication. Negotiation experts will tell you that the most powerful negotiation technique is to state your position then shut up.

The best public speakers are those who have mastered the pause. For more on the pause watch for my Power Presentation Tip this week. You can register for Power Presentation Tips here.

In the words of Dr. Evil of the Austin Powers movies - "Zip it. Zip it Good."

Enjoy this lesson from Dr. Evil.

Dr. Evil adapted his line from the song "Whip it" by Devo. If you don't know the band Devo, you might recognize the theme from the Swiffer TV ad.

Here's "Whip it" from Devo.

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