Presentation Skills - not talent

Presentation Skills – not talent
Bad News and Good News – it’s not about talent.

If you are a good presenter and don’t know why – beware.

If you are a poor presenter and want to get better – take heart.

The reason is the same for both. Good presenters are skillful presenters – not talented presenters.

The ability to deliver good and great presentations is based on using presentation skills. Skills can be learned and honed. All it takes is study, practice and training.

If you want to be a better presenter, understand the principles, practice the techniques, and get expert coaching. That’s how the best in any field get to be the best and stay there. Just ask Tiger Woods.

Over the years I have met many fabulous presenters. I have not met one yet who claimed to be a natural born presenter. I am a top notch professional presenter and executive speech coach. Yet I was not a natural born presenter. I can tell you stories of my own frustration along the journey. I invested time, effort and money to become a great presenter. I read books, took seminars and listened to tapes and CDs. To get better I studied and analyzed hundreds of presenters. I received advice, coaching and mentoring from the best that I could find. And I haven’t finished yet.

How about you? It's not about where you start. Where do you want to be?

If you want to improve your presentations – improve your presentation skills.

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