Sales Presentation Tips

Make Your Case
By Kelley Robertson

At an industry conference this past week, I saw and heard several different sales presentations as sponsors of the conference presented their products and services. Unfortunately, most of them missed the mark. Yet, delivering an effective sales presentation is critical if you want to succeed. Here are few key points to consider.

Start with impact. Don't waste valuable time talking about your company or its products, services or solutions. Instead, demonstrate that you understand your prospect's pain, problem, concern or issue. This will capture their attention.

Show, don't tell. Whenever possible, use props in your presentation. Instead of telling your prospect the results you can help them achieve, show them a testimonial letter or video that outlines a key outcome.

Focus on your prospect. Most sales people fail to make the presentation about the other person and use a lot of "I" or "me" or "we" language. But your customer doesn't care about you. They want you to talk about them.

Show the ROI. Also known as the WII-FM theory-What's In It For Me? Every sales presentation MUST focus on how your customer will benefit from using your product, service, solution or company.

Modify your approach, use these steps and you will notice an improvement in your results.

Have a productive and profitable week!
The above is from the 59 Second Sales Tip by sales expert Kelley Robertson.

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