Bad Opening - Bad Accountant

Bad opening - bad presentation - bad accountant

The speaker mumbled something about being anxious about speaking before such an august group. Then his next three lines were:
  1. "Bear with me."
  2. "I hope that I don't bore you too much."
  3. "Anyways."
Never, never, never start your presentation like that!

What a turn off.

The speaker was the accountant delivering the financial report at the association AGM. No where is it written that "Accountants must be boring." Yet that is exactly what this accountant was. What an incredible credibility killer that can be. How can we the members trust the numbers if we can't trust the accountant or his confidence?

If the accountant doesn't seem to enjoy talking about the numbers - what does that say about the numbers?

If the accountant seems nervous when presenting the financial report - why should we believe the report?

Why don't more accountants understand that preparing the financial statements is only half of their job? The other half, more valuable half, is interpreting the numbers and presenting the numbers with confidence and credibility.

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