Power Presentations Tip 33: Convey more Crediblity

Convey more credibility

Convey more credibility while presenting. Your audience will listen closer, believe you more and feel more persuaded by your message.

How can you convey more credibility?

Use these three methods.

The less your audience knows about you the more important is your introduction. What your introducer says and how he says it will imprint the first impression on your audience. Don't leave the introduction to chance. Provide a written introduction to your introducer and ask him to read it as is.

Sometimes you might get no introduction at all. In that case your self introduction is the first impression to the group.

What the introducer says is important. But it's also important how you receive the introduction. You want to convey credibility so look and stand proud and strong while the introducer (or you) summarizes your relevant expertise.

Points of reference
Quote statistics, facts or opinions from books, publications or organizations that your audience recognizes and respects. This enhances your credibility and builds rapport because it demonstrates that you understand their values and points of reference.

You could quote from your own study, surveys or anecdotal experience. But first you need to clearly establish the credibility of your research. For example, I talk about the lessons of success learned from business leaders. But first I point out that that my research was collected from over 450 interviews that I have conducted over 14 years with business leaders on my weekly radio show, Business in Motion.

Points of connection
Who you know and more importantly who knows you can help your credibility. You could quote or paraphrase a conversation with the company CEO, a well known client or a respected market analyst.

When presenting your ideas to your audience you could mention that you helped solve a similar challenge with Microsoft, Toyota or another industry leader.

Naturally tell the truth and respect those conversations or project details that were private.

In Summary
Use your introduction, points of reference and points of connection to help you convey more credibility.

George Torok

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