Impromptu Public Speaking

Impromptu Speaking

Sometimes you might be asked to give comments or a presentation without advance notice. You might be tempted to think on your feet. I strongly suggest that you do not think on your feet. It is easy to get yourself into trouble. Instead always be prepared to speak on very short notice. Impromptu speaking is similar to regular presenting – in that both are based on skill development. The better you know and practice the techniques the more it looks like talent.

Here are some techniques to help you with impromptu speaking.

Be prepared with some favourite stories that you tell well and can use to illustrate more than one message as required.

Quickly write three points on an index card – then talk about those points. Decide on the one thing that you want to get across – and deliver that message.

Conduct your speech as an interview with yourself. Ask questions – and answer them.

Don’t think on your feet – instead be prepared.

George Torok

Speech Coach for Executives

Presentation Skills Training

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