Dupont letter

George Torok spoke recently at our Quarterly Sales & Marketing Meeting. He had the challenge of speaking at a critical time in the development of our company and immediately after our president delivered a serious message.

I am happy to report that George's presentation was very well received and made an important contribution to a successful meeting. George delivered on all accounts and them some. I especially enjoyed his manner of engaging, informing and entertaining us. We laughed at his anecdotes, pondered his insights on communication and scribbled his presentation tips. A great learning for all of us was the degree to which delivery is important to a successful presentation, versus the traditional obsession with the content.

I found it curious that George did all this without PowerPoint. And thanks for the useful tips for those of us who feel we must use PowerPoint.

I highly recommend George Torok as a keynote speaker and presentations skills expert for any organization where there are people who want to communicate and present more powerfully.

Derrick Russell
Corporate Marketing Manager
DuPont Canada

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