Win in the Boardroom with Donald Trump

Boardroom presentation with Donald Trump
How to survive in the boardroom with Donald Trump

Never interrupt the Donald.

When Donald Trump tells you to shut up - shut up.

Never suggest that you are like the Donald. But it's okay to suggest that you would like to be.

If your competition is getting dumped on – shut up.

Don’t even hint about Donald Trump’s hair or wives.

Don’t start your pitch with the word “honestly”.

Don’t plead, beg or cry to Mr. Trump.

Don’t fight with anyone in the boardroom. Do that before you arrive.

Confirm your alliances before you enter the boardroom.

Be prepared to address your worst question.

Don’t be glib or sarcastic.

Pause, breathe and smile before answering any question.

Turn every negative question into a positive one.

Relate details to the bigger picture.

Admit your mistakes and shortcomings.

Don’t sling mud. Make candid observations.

George Torok
The Speech Coach for Executives

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