Presentation Skills: New Year

Presentation Skills: New Year

What skills will help you the most this year?

The usual suspects might be time management, delegation, stress management, problem solving, communication, and presentation skills.

If “presentation skills” is on your short list then this blog is one place for you to stay tuned.

On this Executive Speech Coach blog you will read tips, insights and examples of presentation skills. You will learn about presentation traps to avoid. And you will hear about dumb mistakes from presentations that I witness. (Just don’t ask me to testify against them.)

You will also see links to articles and tips-lists about presentation skills.

You will hear about upcoming teleseminars, programs and books about presentation skills.

Watch for the new Business Presentation mentoring service to be launched soon.

Have a happy New Year – and be a better presenter!

George Torok
Speech Coach for Executives

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