Public Speaking World Champion

Public Speaking World Champion

Every year Toastmasters International holds its World Championship of Public Speaking. And unlike the World Series of US baseball this is truly a world series of public speaking. Toastmasters from around the world compete and for 2007 the winner of the World Championship of Public Speaking is from India.

As reported in

USA: Indian Student Crowned World Champion of Public Speaking
By Max Rasquinha - Houston Aug 20:

A handful of Indian Toastmasters watched with pride and honour a twenty-six year old M.I.T. scholarship Graduate from India being crowned as a World Champion of Public Speaking in the presence of more than 3000 Toastmaster delegates that gathered at Phoenix, Arizona for an Annual Toastmasters Convention at the J.W. Marriott Desert Ridge Hotel.

There were total ten top finalists from the world over that displayed their talents on behalf of nearly 10,500 Toastmasters Clubs scattered in more than 90 countries. What a fantastic reward for Mother India to display the talent before the world leaders and prove ourselves as a nation moving well ahead in the world of progress.

India has about 90 Toastmasters Clubs so far, but in all probability this strength will multiply in the year ahead fostering all the possible opportunities for young men and women to prove themselves that they too can make a difference in the world of Communicators and Leaders.
India has all the ingredients to create at least another 500 new clubs in the years ahead. India can enhance all the good image in so many paths of progress. God bless Vikas Jhingra in all his future pursuits of life and may God bless India in every future opportunities that can bring a positive image all over the world.


MIT engineering student seeks public speaking championship
Elizabeth Knox, News Office Correspondent August 15, 2007

An MIT doctoral student who devoted the past seven years to detailed research on offshore drilling will have just seven minutes to make his mark in the Toastmasters International World Championship of Public Speaking, starting today (Aug. 15) in Phoenix.

Vikas Jhingran, a Ph.D. candidate in mechanical and ocean engineering, is one of 10 candidates competing in the three-day public speaking contest.

Jhingran's seven-minute speech for the Toastmasters championship is titled "The Swami." Using humor and broad gesture, he narrates a story of how he found the answer to unlocking his full potential through a visit to a neighborhood wise man, who asked him the provocative question "Who are you?"

Jhingran has been involved with Toastmasters for four years, and he credits the nonprofit public speaking organization with improving his confidence and transforming how he presents his research.

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