Presentation Skills Training

When you want a presentation skills coach or trainer - look for a presentation skills trainer who has suffered. You will learn more from a presentation skills trainer who struggled to be the expert than you would from one was born to speak.

Superman can't teach you how to be super. He was born that way. He is from the planet Kypton.

Batman can teach you alot. He's human. He has no super powers. He learned how and trained to be in the same league as Superman.

George Torok wasn't a natural born speaker. He is an introvert by nature. He was a shy person in high school. He wanted to be high school president but was too afraid to be deliver a presentation to the high school assembly. So he never became high school president. Yet three decades later he is a professional speaker, radio show host and executive speech coach. He got there not because of talent - but because of learned skills.

That's why he is such a good presentation skills trainer and coach.

Executive Speech Coach, Business presentation tips from George Torok, the Speech Coach for Executives.
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