Power Presentations Tip 22: What do you stand for?

Power Presentations Tip 22:

What do you stand for?

Maybe nothing - especially if you don't stand tall and strong during your presentation.

Some presenters have protested, "I don't want to stand during my presentation. It makes me feel uncomfortable."

You might feel more comfortable sitting while you speak but your presentation will be much less effective.

Not only should you stand when you speak - you should stand as tall and strong as you can.

When you stand more listeners can see you clearly. If they can see you they will be more inclined to listen. If you are capturing two of their senses then you have a better opportunity to engage their minds.

When your listeners can see you they will judge both the importance of your topic and the credibility of your words on how you stand. If you are slouching, leaning on a chair, or sitting on the table - your message will appear unimportant. They might be thinking, "If it wasn't important enough for the speaker to stand - then it can't be important enough to listen."

When you stand to speak your voice will naturally project better. You make it easier for people to hear you. If they didn't hear you, it was a wasted presentation.

When you stand while your audience sits you hold the physical position of authority. In many cultures the kings and queens sat upon thrones that were higher than everyone else. This positioning is still practiced today in court rooms where the judge is elevated above everyone else.This feeling of authority when we look up to someone seems to have stayed with us.

What if the person who spoke before you didn't stand? You should stand to present because you want to be your best every time you speak. Never lower your standards just because the other presentations were weak.

Stand to present. It's simple and effective.

George Torok

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1 comment:

Chris Witt said...


I agree wholeheartedly with you on this.

I go so far as to have my clients stand when they're conducting a teleseminar (or the like). Even when people can't see that you're standing, you'll still convey more power, authority, and vocal variety.