Where do the best speakers go to get better?

If you are a good profesional speaker and you want to get way better - where do you go for help?

Attend the "Get Better Get Busier Boot Camp" hosted by two globe trotting professional speakers, Warren Evans and Kit Grant.

I was already a very good speaker. I had been told that by many clients and audience members. And I knew it. If fact I had been teaching and coaching presentation skills for years. And over the years I had attended many classes sessions with other presentation experts. (That's how you get good.)

So I was reluctant to spend my money on more presentation training for myself.

I finally invested in this "Get Better Get Busier Boot Camp" and I'm glad I did. I'm a much better speaker now than before attend the boot camp. I applied the lessons when speaking in Iran while on a hectic speaking schedule full of frequent changes.

Warren and Kit helped me visuallize and create a more effective structure for presentations. They pointed out the dangerous off-ramps lurking in my presentation and how to "close" them. Helped me add and sprinkle more humour throughout the presentation.

I gained from the instruction and direct coaching as well as from observing the other speakers and noting the guildance that they received on their presentations.

Click here to learn about the next "Get Better Get Busier Boot Camp".

NB: This is not an affliate link. I give this endorsement freely and without compensation.

I'm just a happy customer.

BTY: All the net proceeds of this program goes to Laura's Hope a chairity to help solve Huntington Disease.

George Torok
Very, very good Professional Speaker :)

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