Sell more with superior presentation skills

That’s the best reason to develop your presentation skills. To sell more.

If your product sold itself – who would need you?

Steve Jobs is selling innovative products like the iPod, iPhone and Mac Air. Even with the “products that sell themselves” he polished his presentation skills to the point where others study and seek to emulate his presentation prowess.

Selling is about connecting with buyers and communicating the value of your product. Superior presentation skills is about connecting with your listeners and communicating the value of your message.

There is no question that the most successful sales people are superior communicators – whether it is one-to-one or one-to-many.

Selling is not about convincing a prospect to buy a product they don’t want. It is about discovering what they really want and providing that solution to them.

Successful presenting is more about understanding your audience and talking to them in their langue and giving them what they want.

The difficult part is in listening to and getting into the mind of your audience. Once you do that – you will be far more successful in sales and presentations.

How do you do that?

Ask yourself, where do they hurt? Why would they listen to your message? How can you fix their pain? What’s in it for them?

If you aren’t fixing a pain, you can’t sell and there’s no point in presenting.

The sales presentations that fail are those that are about you – the seller.

The most successful sales presentations are about the buyer.

George Torok

Presentation Skills Training

Executive Speech Coach

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