Speaker Boot Camp in the UK

Are you in the UK?

Are you a professional or advanced speaker that wants to fine tune your presentations skills even more?

This Speaker Boot Camp is not for novice speakers.

In this program a maximun of six speakers will receive direct and intense coaching from Warren Evans CSP.

You will receive help with structure, content and delivery from a no-nonsence master of presenting.

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This Speaker Boot Camp will run October 22-24.

Discover more information here.

PS: I attended this program in Toronto two years ago. I was already a very good speaker and wondered if I would get a good return on my money. I expected more than a few silly tricks. I still am happy with the results that I got from from this Speaker Boot Camp. I was able to put the lessons into action at my next presentation.

George Torok

Speech Coach for Executives

Executive Speech Coach, Business presentation tips from George Torok, the Speech Coach for Executives.
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