How to Write, Structure & Prepare a More Effective Presentation in Half the Time

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“How to Write, Structure & Prepare a More Effective Presentation in Half the Time”

Do you want your presentations to be more focused and more successful?

Would you like to write better presentations in less time?

If you need to deliver presentations often and want to learn how to do it faster and more effectively then discover these shortcuts.

There are only three parts to any presentation: Structure, Content and Delivery. This program will focus on where you should start – selecting and building the right structure. Once you know this simple planning process you will create better presentations in less time.

In this program you will discover

  • The 5 step method to outline your presentation in five minutes
  • The 3 types of presentations and what to emphasize for each
  • How to build a complete presentation with the balanced meal plan model
  • The simplest way to write and remember your presentation
  • 5 effective presentation structures from which you can choose
  • The common and damaging presentation format you must avoid
  • 4 questions you need to ask to jumpstart the writing of your presentation
  • How to quickly adapt your presentation to differing time frames
  • And much more…

Learn how to build a better presentation.

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George Torok

Executive Speech Coach, Business presentation tips from George Torok, the Speech Coach for Executives.


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