For Serious Speakers Who Want to Get Much Better

Coaching program for serious speakers only

When you are really serious about improving any skill – you will work directly with a coach.

As the Speech Coach for Executives I coach business leaders to deliver million dollar presentations.

I also needed to learn from others. (Ask your teachers who they learned from.)

I attended the weekend Speaker Boot Camp with Warren Evans and Kit Grant. Both are former Chairs of the Global Speakers Federation. Both have more than 20 years of professional speaking experience including extensive international exposure.

I invested at least three thousand dollars for an intensive weekend of small group presentation coaching. I am happy with the return on my investment. I’m a much better speaker. When you get to a certain level of speaking the only improvements you can make is in the details. Warren Evans and Kit Grant pointed out those details and I’m a much better and more profitable speaker because of their help.

Here is an opportunity for you to take part in the scaled down version of that boot camp.

It’s a one day “Sneaker Camp” with Warren Evans in Toronto on Monday August 22 in Toronto.

Only 8 people can attend. It’s still intense. You get a full day with Warren Evans. You’ll benefit from the best insights that his experience and perspective can offer. He never holds back.

And the fee is only $1,265

That’s a good deal.

Here’s the bonus for you. Tell him that George Torok sent you and you will save $100 off that price.

BTW I receive no compensation for this recommendation – other than a kind thought. Perhaps Warren will buy me a beer – remind him to do that.

If you are really serious about kicking your presentations up for a relatively small investment – attend this “Sneaker Camp”.

Toronto Sneaker Camp for Speakers

PS: Maybe you're wondering why Warren offers this coaching program so inexpensively. It's to raise money for the Laura's Hope Charity.

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