Steve Jobs: How to Live Before You Die

Steve Jobs delivering graduation speech at Stanford University in June 2005.

Steve Jobs has been cited as an effective presenter - especially when he announced the new Apple products.

This presentation seems to show a shy, wounded and reluctant presenter.

The words are powerful. It was a well written speech. It is an amazing speech to read. The best way to enjoy this speech is to read it or listen to it - but not to watch it. You will notice that Steve Jobs read this speech - almost entirely.

That seems strange because he only told three personal stories. He knew those stories, yet he felt compelled to read his speech. When the audience reacted to his words, he did pause, but failed to look at them. He was clearly lost in his own emotion and discomfort.

Notice the lack of emotion on his face and in his body language. Although his message was important to his audience he was clearly telling it for his own personal cleansing.

Notice how he strokes his chin at personal moments. That is likely a sign of self comforting because of pain.

The man was likely in a swamp of personal pain during this presentation.

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