Public Speaking Blunders

Public speaking blunders on Executive Speech Coach blog
You will be a more successful public speaker if you avoid these presentation blunders. Most of the time, it's not about delivering a perfect presentation. Instead it's about making less mistakes than your competition.
• Talking too quickly

• Speaking in a monotone

• Using too high a vocal pitch

• Not smiling enough while talking

• Talking and not saying much

• Presenting without appropriate emotion or passion

• Using too many “big” words

• Using abstractions without giving concrete examples

• Not explaining the meaning of words and expressions

• Using unfamiliar technical jargon

• Not introducing the message and its relevance clearly

• Using poor grammar

• Talking so quietly that people cannot hear

• Using slang or profanity

• Talking without preparation or knowledge of the topic

• Disorganized and rambling performance

• Not making proper eye contact with listeners

• Fidgety behaviour that distracts the listeners

• Talking down to the audience

• Indirect communication i.e. beating around the bush

• Not summarizing and concluding the message clearly

• Failing to use visual aids to illustrate points

• Insulting the audience’s intelligence

• Not asking for action

Review that list and consider how your audience might perceive you and your message when you commit these public speaking blunders.

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