Secrets of Power Presentations Book Review

Secrets of Power Presentations book review

Secrets of Power Presentations by Peter Urs Bender

This book first published in 1991 and I first read it around that time. Of all the books on presentation skills this book has contributed the most to shaping my public speaking skills.

I read this book when I was first exploring the world of public speaking. Many years later I met the author, Peter Urs Bender. He became my mentor as I entered the professional speaking business. We later co-authored a bestselling book together – Secrets of Power Marketing.

My original copy of this book is marked with Post-it notes and highlighter.

What are the best ideas from this book?

Your presentation is not only about the words you speak. It’s about the package that includes your words, delivery, body language, Audio Visual aids, and the environment.

When you’re green you grow. When you’re ripe you rot. This expression emphasizes the importance to be open to improvement; because you will never be the perfect presenter.

You can project more confidence than you feel. It’s only important how the audience sees you.

A good presentation should inform, entertain, touch emotions, and move to action.

Use shorter words and phrases to connect with your audience.

Summarize your speech notes on note cards. That way you will not read your speech but have the safety net of keyword notes.

Your speech is like a flight. The opening and close are like the take off and landing and hence critical to your success.

Details matter. As a presenter you are responsible for all the details – even if you think someone else should look after that. The audience will blame you for the things that go wrong.

What’s interesting about this book?

I enjoyed the simple and practical tips and lists.

The chapter on Environment is something that I have not seen in any other book on presentation skills. Chairs, windows and doors – oh my. I’ve found that these logistical tips about setting up the room made an incredible difference on the impact of my presentations.

The book is informative and surprisingly entertaining and inspiring - which was Bender's presentation style. It is sprinkled with motivational quotations plus Bender's own pithy insights.

There are so many helpful do’s and don’t's in this book that I imagine you will want to mark it up and even tear pages out so you have these gems readily accessible when you speak.

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