How to Deliver Bad News

Giving Bad News in Your Presentation

Tips for Giving Bad News

iBe well rehearsed.
iBe objective - focus on the issue.
iLook and sound confident.
iStand still and avoid making big gestures.
iMaintain steady eye contact.
iDemonstrate empathy – not sympathy.
iBe brief. Explain the cause and the decision.
iBe clear. Be direct. Don’t use vague metaphors.
iAnnounce if you will take questions and the rules.
iIf you plan to be available for private discussion – tell them when and how.
iClarify the next step.
iAfter you have given the bad news, pause to allow the message to sink in.
iBe prepared for an angry backlash – and don’t react.
iHave assistants prepped and ready to help with the unexpected.

Don't do any of these
iDon’t appear to be seeking audience approval.
iDon’t lie, exaggerate or undervalue the impact.
iDon’t state “This will hurt me more that you” or “I know how you feel.”
iDon’t blame. Take credit for your own decisions.
iDon’t shed crocodile tears.
iDon’t be glib. Don’t try to be funny.
iDon’t mix bad news and good news. That confuses the message.

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