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PRO-TRACK is a year-long program teaching aspiring, new and mid-career speakers the business of professional speaking.  We help you develop the level of presentation and platform skills needed as an expert professional speaker.  And, we help you identify, create and build all of the components necessary to run a thriving, satisfying and profitable business.

Whether you want to deliver keynote speeches, workshops or seminars this is the program for you!

The program consists of 4 weekend Boot Camps spread throughout the year. Our faculty are each successful in their career, most currently earn their living as a Professional Speaker, and are only too willing to share their insights and expertise of what has led to their success.

Sign Up before September 15 and save 15% of the tuition!

Here’s what our participants had to say about the program:

"If you're one of the ones, like I was, that has been thinking about professional speaking for some time and/or recognizes the vital importance of speaking skill to attracting customers to your fine work, but you're still propped up on that fence, I'm here as one of the converted to tell you that ProTrack is your catalyst. If you're ready for something that will propel you forward - your belief in what's possible and you're belief in yourself - you simply must take this program. It's personal and professional development at its finest - AND - it's just smart business to choose to learn from all the defeats and victories of the very best in the business, while simultaneously cutting down your own learning curve to success in the process!"

The PRO-TRACK Program is an incredible experience that jolts participants into action around a variety of topics aligned with speaking and facilitation. The experience is SO rich as participants with a wide variety of experiences and backgrounds come together in an effort to improve and learn from the best in the business. It is an incredible opportunity for anyone who is committed to doing the work necessary to take their abilities and understanding of the business to the next level. I have benefitted immensely from this experience, it has been life altering for me and my family. Thank you Pro Track!!

"ProTrack has provided remarkable opportunities for me to learn directly from the Pros. These respected professional speakers have generously shared the wisdom of their experience and shortened my learning curve considerably. This program has provided me with a network and support system that is deeply appreciated. Building a speaking business can be a very lonely journey and ProTrack has made it a lot richer and a lot less lonely.  Thanks to all of the Volunteers that have made this exciting program possible."

For more information go to or email Sylvia Plester-Silk, Chair, Pro-Track Speaker Academy at

Sylvia Plester-Silk
Chair, Pro-Track Speaker Academy

Sylvia Plester-Silk
Principal Trainer
On Purpose Consulting

Co-Chair Pro-Track Speaker Academy,
Canadian Association of Professional Speakers - Toronto

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