Fear of Public Speaking: Catherine Zeta-Jones

Public speaking phobia celebrity
The fear of public speaking is so common. It has nothing to do with your intelligence, success or wealth. That's why I'm appreciative of celebrities who "out" their fear of public speaking.

Catherine Zeta-Jones recently talked about her phobia of public speaking to the Belfast Telegraph. She joked that she tortures her husband, Michael Douglas before her appearances to get through her anxiety.

I woulld like to know more about the torture or the magic that Michael Douglas performed. Does she scream and cry? Does he sip a brandy while repeating, "Yes dear" ?

The key point for the rest of us is that the fear of public speaking is a normal thing even experienced by the beautiful people. 

There's no one way to deal with speech anxiety. You might work through it on your own or you might work through it with a partner. If that doesn't work - call Michael Douglas.

Read the rest of this story in the Belfast Telegraph.

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