Open your presentation with Pizzazz

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Open Your Presentation With Pizzazz

Why is the opening so important?

When you speak to an audience you have seconds to make a good first impression. That first impression must persuade them to listen and believe you. Get it wrong and you lose. You might have an important and valuable presentation prepared but if they’re turned off and tuned out at the beginning, everything you’ve prepared was wasted.

The opening to your presentation is critical to your success. You shouldn’t be surprised that poor speakers have poor openings. When you speak, you can recover from many mistakes during your presentations – but a weak opening isn’t one of them.

Questions that this book will answer for you

What can you say and do to grab the attention of your audience, build rapport and convince them to believe you?

How can you write a powerful opening faster?

How can you create one of the most engaging openings – a story?

What common mistakes should you avoid?

What is the three-part ADR formula that helps you focus your opening?

What are the five keys that foretell a successful opening?

What are the non-verbal actions you need to employ before you speak?

What magic words and phrases can you use to have them with your first words?

Follow the guidelines, use the tips, examine the examples and play with the templates offered to write, prepare and deliver your opening with pizzazz.

Who is The Author?

George Torok was a shy and introverted student who learned how to present. He wasn’t a natural. That’s why he simplifies and explains clearly how to become a better speaker.

As The Speech Coach for Executives he coaches executives, entrepreneurs and leaders to deliver million dollar presentations.

Through his training program, Superior Presentations, his company trains managers, professionals and sales teams to deliver Superior Presentations… because inferior never wins.

George Torok has delivered over 1,500 professional presentations. He has coached and worked with hundreds of executives. He has written over 500 articles and 2,000 blog posts. As the host of the weekly radio show, Business In Motion, he interviewed over 600 entrepreneurs, executives and experts.

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