Presentations Success

You and Your Needs

To guarantee the success of your presentations do you need and want help to...

Design your presentation
What parts of your presentation should you rehearse more than any other part?How do you guarantee that your speech connects with your audience?How can you build in smooth transitions as you move from point to point?

Choose the wright words
What are the three most important words you should use in your speech?What deadly words and phrases should you avoid?What test can you perform to check the relevance of your words?

Grab attention & keep it
What three simple techniques can you use to grab attention?How do you keep their attention?What do you say when they seem to be fading?

The above are some of the questions and concerns that George Torok can answer for you. You might have other questions that we can address. We guarantee that your concerns will be addressed and you will notice immediate results. Your program will be delivered to meet your most pressing needs and wants.

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George Torok
The Speech Coach for Executives

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