Effective Executive Speaking

Effective Executive Speaking is a three-day workshop that I have been instructing for the Canadian Management Centre for more than a decade.

In that time I have witnessed hundreds of executives and executive-hopefuls transform their business presentations from weak, confusing and boring, into confident, clear and captivating. They become Effective Executive Speakers.

My co-instructor, John Robert Colombo and I are constantly reminded of the incredible difference that three intensive days can make to the careers and futures of those who attend Effective Executive Speaking.

Why does this program work so well?
Many reasons; but these stand out in my mind:
The two instructors have different presentation styles yet support the same principles.
The classes are small – often as small as 10 or 12. That allows each participant intense personal attention.
The participants receive both instruction and demonstration from the instructors.
The participants practise the public speaking skills on their feet – several times throughout the three-day program.
The participants receive immediate feedback from the class plus coaching and guidance from the instructors.

We have limited this program to only four times a year. If you are interested in learning about the next class visit Effective Executive Speaking and register at the Canadian Management Centre.

The Canadian Management Centre is located in downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
The Canadian Management Centre is affiliated with the American Management Association.

Bottom line:
If you are an executive or executive-hopeful, would like to vastly transform your presentation skills, and are willing to invest three days of your life, then I strongly recommend that you take the program Effective Executive Speaking offered by the Canadian Management Centre.

George Torok
The Speech Coach for Executives

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