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Hi, I do a lot of public speaking. My problem is that unconsciously my eyes flutter when I speak. I speak often so I do not feel nervous, but when I watch myself on tape I am stunned at how fast my eyes flutter.
Is there something I can do to correct this?

A:Hi Mike,
A curious condition.
Hard to be sure without seeing you speak and flutter.
I wonder if your eyes tend to flutter at other times.
Are you only noticing it on your speaking tapes because you don't tape yourself at other times?Has anyone else ever pointed this out to you?
Maybe it is not a problem or maybe it is and you do it more often than you know.
If it is only occurring when you speak - then nerves and adrenalin could explain the fluttering. The eyes are cleaning themselves to prepare you for danger - fight or flight response.

Try this exercise before you speak: (Don't let your audience see you doing this)
Flutter your eyes quickly for 10 seconds. Then close your eyes for 10 seconds and while doing this breathe in and out slowing for only one cycle, i.e. breathe in for 5 seconds then exhale for 5 seconds.
Then open your eyes and focus on one point while doing the same slow breathing exercise.
This exercise can help you focus attention and control on your eyelids (even though blinking is an automatic reaction you can temporarily take control). The slow breathing conditions you to link that to your eyelids, so when you speak you only need to focus on slow breathing to have some control of your eyes.

George Torok
Executive Speech Coach
Presentation Skills Specialist
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