What is the Value of your Speech?

How do you measure the value of your speech?

Is the value of your speech based on:

How long you spoke?
How long you prepared?
Your education or title?

If you are toying with any of those yardsticks – you are way off.

The real value of your speech is based on the value of what you make happen as a result of your speech.

So if your sales presentation closed a $10M deal – it was a $10M speech.

If your impassioned plea generated $30,000 in association revenue – it was a $30,000 speech.

If your presentation inspired another $100,000 in donations – it was a $100,000 speech.

If your talk inspired your staff to work together and finish the $3M project on time – it was a $3M speech.

If your speech pushed the button on a $25,000 sale – it was a $25,000 speech.

Knowing that, what will you do to better prepare?
What will you invest in making your speech a success?

Consider this: Million Dollar Speeches don’t come cheap.

George Torok
The Speech Coach for Executives

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