Build Trust When You Speak

Build trust when you speak

How can you build more trust when you speak?

Talk slower. It allows listeners to hear and understand you better.

Pause often. It allows people to think about what you said and it demonstrates your confidence in your message.

Look every member of your audience in the eye at some point. We trust you more when you appear to be looking at us. Don’t stare at your notes, the screen, the back wall or the boardroom table. We don't trust a speaker who won't look at us.

Make sure we can see your face clearly. Stand in the light. Don’t obstruct your eyes or mouth. Such actions destroy trust.

Let your audience see your hands. That builds trust. Hiding your hands is a sign of deceit.

And the number one way to build more trust with more people is to smile. A smiling face makes you look more friendly, confident and trustworthy.

The next time you watch a speaker – notice the things she does to build trust or destroy trust.

George Torok
Speech Coach for Executives

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