Presentation Success

How do you know if you've delivered a successful presentation?

When I ask this question of my audience the answers are usually,

“you get applause”

“they ask questions”

“people stay awake”

“you see them taking notes”

“they laugh at your jokes”

However, none of them is a true indicator of a successful presentation.

No one has yet given me the correct answer to this question. That is curious in itself, because that would suggest if presenters don’t know the definition of a successful presentation they ‘ain’t gonna’ give one.

Definition of a successful presentation:
You gave a successful presentation if, after you presented, the audience is doing, thinking or feeling what you want them to do, think or feel.

I suggest that you read that definition a few times to internalize it

Also, if you know what a successful presentation should be, you might start designing and delivering more successful presentations.

Clarity of purpose is everything.

For more tips on delivering successful presentations read Presentation Skills Success.

George Torok
Speech Coach for Executives

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