Association Speaker

Association Speaker

Do you need a powerful speaker for your next association conference or convention?

George Torok speaks regularily for association events.

Is George Torok the right speaker for your professional association?
You decide. Review the list of associations and comments from them. When you are ready contact him directly to discuss your specific speaker needs. 905-335-1997

Does George Torok understand association needs?
Yes. He has been an active member of many associations. He has served several on committees, project teams and on the association board. He has served on both local and national association boards. George has arranged special events for his association and he has selected, hired and managed speakers.

He often is a guest speaker for association meetings, conferences, workshops and national conventions. Many associations bring him back for another conference, seminar or special event. George Torok is the association professional speaker. For associations, George Torok is the combination of Mr Inside and Mr Outside. That means he brings both humble insight and brash perspective to your members.

What associations has George Torok helped as a professional speaker, seminar leader or consultant?

What articles are available for reprint in your association publications?

George Torok
Executive Speech Coach

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