Presentation Disaster

Presentation Disaster

To ensure that your presentation is a success you must prepare for presentation disaster. It might sound strange – but a good way to prepare for success is to be prepared for disaster.

How can you ensure that your presentation will be a success? List the possible disasters then plan how you will deal with them. They might never happen but when they do – you will be prepared. And nothing showcases a leader more than taking charge during a disaster.

Presentation disasters can be both minor and major. Consider too that disaster is all a matter of perspective. When it is happening to you it feels like a disaster.

What are some of the presentation disasters for which you might be prepared?

You might feel nervous.
The fear of public speaking is fairly common. So if you experience it – don’t worry. Learn how to combat speech anxiety. Read more about dealing with speech anxiety in this article by John Robert Colombo.

You might verbally stumble on a word.
When we are numerous we can mispronounce a word. You can pause and say the word again. If you still fail in getting it right – find another word that means the same or smile at your audience and say, “You know what I mean.”

No one laughs at your funny line.
There are many possible causes. But don’t worry about it. Pause to let the message sink in. Smile to show that you enjoyed the funny line. As long as they got the message they don’t need to laugh out load. Consider that they might be laughing inside.

Your computer or projector dies.
This is common so you better be well prepared for this technology disaster. Have a backup system ready to go. And be prepared to present without the computer show. Remember the presentation is about your message – not your computer.

An audience member keeps interrupting you.
Depending on the circumstances you could say, “Thanks for your help, but I work alone,” Or you state, “Please hold your questions until I call for them.”

These are five common presentation disasters. If you want to be a successful presenter then don’t be surprised, instead be prepared to deal with these disasters. Do that and you will shine like a leader.

George Torok
Executive Speech Coach

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Lee Potts said...

Hi George,

Great advice.

I just started a blog completely devoted to this subject called Breaking Murphy's Law.

Hope you like it.