Preparing Your Presentation

Preparing your Presentation

Purpose of your presentation
Imagine that you have been scheduled to speak to a group. An important question for you to review is “Why am I delivering this presentation?” Don’t answer, “Because I was asked.” Instead ask why does this group need to hear from you? What message is so important that you must take their time to speak to them? You must be clear on the purpose of your speech before you can write it. Please don’t give a speech just because you are the boss. Don’t waste their time and embarrass yourself. Have something worthwhile to say. If you start by knowing what you want to happen then you will begin to create an effective speech.

Your audience is the reason you are there
Understand your audience. What do they want? Why would they listen to you? If you want to reach them with your presentation you must reach them through their needs. While you are talking they are asking themselves, “What’s in it for us?” If you have not spoken to this group before, interview a few of them before your presentation. Mention the names of some audience members during your presentation. It will help you connect with the group.

Design your presentation backwards
The most common way to write your speech is to start at the beginning and write to the end. That is not an effective way to write a speech. Instead write the speech backwards. Start with the destination and work back to the opening. You will write your speech faster and clearer if you start with the end in mind. Know your purpose. Write the closing line that hammers home your message. Then write the points to support that close. Then write the opening that launches you into that presentation. Designing your speech is also a set of communication skills.

A good presentation starts with a good preparation.

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