Power Presentation Tip 09: Why do you say that?

Power Presentation Tip 09: Why do you say that?

Has this ever happened to you? You said something that you thought was significant and your audience gazed at you glassy eyed.

You were hoping that they were thinking about what you said. Instead they were wondering, "Why did you say that?"

Sometimes your audience might be thinking that - but often they won't say that. Instead they sit there quietly and daydream, hoping that you will finish soon because they have already stopped listening.

What can you do to avoid this glassy eyed trauma? How can you keep your audience interested and actively listening?

Inject the following statements and questions into your presentation.

"The reason I tell you that is..."
This statement grabs them and lets you answer their silent question, 'Why do you say that?"

"Why is that important to you?"
This is one of the best rhetorical questions you can ask - and then answer. Use this question in every presentation you deliver at least once but no more than three times. It emphasizes that your statement is important to them.

"How can you use that?"
This is a good question right after you demonstrated a product, explained a technique or revealed an opportunity. You could treat this as a rhetorical question and answer it - or you could encourage your audience to provide their suggestions.

"You might be wondering, what does this mean to you?"
Everyone's favorite topic is themselves. Draw the connection between your message and your listeners.

The reason I tell you that is so you will become a more successful presenter.

George Torok
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