Power Presentation Tip 10: Emphasize key points

Power Presentation Tip 10:

How to emphasize your key points

Your audience doesn't need to remember your presentation word for word. You probably only want them to remember your key points. But if they don't remember your key points then your presentation was a waste of time.

What must you do to ensure that your audience remembers your key points?

You need to ensure that they hear it, understand it and see the relevance. If you do all that, then they will most likely remember your key points.

Help them hear

No one is listening to every word you say - except you. When you are about to say something important use these techniques to grab their attention:
Say, "This is important."
Pause just before and after the key point. That's like putting quotation marks around it.
Say the important point slower. This is especially applicable when stating your name or giving your phone number.

Help them understand

Use language that all of your audience can easily understand. Avoid jargon and the ten-dollar words. Use charts, props or other visuals to illustrate your point.

Make it relevant

Connect your point to your audience. Show how it affects them or has affected others like them. This is why political elections are won or lost.

Two more things

Repeat your key points. Say it at least three times during your presentation. That helps them to remember it. When you are trying to memorize a name or line you will repeat it to yourself several times.

Tell a story or anecdote. A good story told well will grab attention, clarify understanding and relate to your audience. And they will remember your key point because they will first remember the story and then your point.

George Torok

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