Nouns are for wimps

Nouns are for wimps

Wake up. Stop becoming awake. Your abuse of nouns could be killing your presentation. Lynda Goldman's comments about writing apply equally to speaking.


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Is your writing bogged down with nouns?

Some writers become addicted to endlessly transform verbs into nouns. For example:

Instead of saying conclude, they say: Reach a conclusion.

This habit makes sentences longer and weaker, and slows the reader. Some people describe this kind of writing as really, really boring.
Inject vigorous verbs
Instead of wordy noun phrases, embrace vigorous verbs. Notice how efficient, clean and forceful these verbs sound, after their muddy noun phrases:

Conduct a discussion of = discuss
Create a reduction in = reduce
Give an analysis of = analyze
Give consideration to = consider
Take action on = act

So, to keep your readers engaged, kick the noun habit. Take action with vigorous verbs!

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