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Some of these tips are good reminders. Some are ah-ah insights. Some offer creative ideas and simple short cuts to presentation greatness. All of these presentation tips will help you be a better presenter every day.

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Rehearse your favorite movie or TV lines to capture the passion – you’re fired – say hello to my little friend – I’ll be back – Adrian!

Put feeling into words that naturally lend themselves to emotion: family, Christmas, freedom, grandma, home, first prize, baby, vacation

Improve your public speaking skills by learning the principles, practising the techniques and getting constructive coaching.

Public speaking is the ability to speak well in public. Also our most commonly shared fear. Ergo it only takes small improvements to shine

Toastmasters is a non-profit association that teachs the fundametals of presentation skills. They helped me. www.Toastmasters.org

If you want to be a better presenter, read books on presentations skills, take a seminar, work with a coach and/or attend Toastmasters.

Ellen Finkelstein wrote a comprehsive analysis of Obama's health care speech http://tinyurl.com/lugq9h

If people like you they accept your errors. It makes you look human and imperfect like they are. Be likeable and imperfect like them.

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