Too much information - not enough time

Too much information - not enough time
How to deliver your management report clearly by saying less

You have been asked to present a report to management. You have two hours worth of information but only 20 minutes to speak. What a dilemma! How do you get your message across? How will you decide what to leave out? And will management punish you for leaving something out?

5 to 10 Times Rule
What should you do? If you only have two hours of information then you should only speak for about 12 to 24 minutes. Why? Because if you have two hours of material - then most of it will be irrelevant or boring or both. Follow this rule - you should always have at least 5 to 10 times more information than you present.

If you worked on the project and researched the information, you might easily fall into the trap that everything is important and interesting. After all, you sweated over all the details. And more important to you - you want management to see you as doing a thorough job. You don't want to leave something out because that might make you look as if you don't know everything - or that you didn't do your homework.

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