Where should I parK?

Where should I park?

The man directing drivers where to park appeared to be a pleasant elderly gentleman. He wore a suit and tie as I did. He was obviously a guest like me who had volunteered to help with parking. The event was an outdoor wedding on a country estate. I listened to his instructions and looked to where he pointed. He went on rather long. But I believe I understood his message.

I parked exactly where I believe he told me to park on the grass on the side of a small hill. Other cars followed me and parked in a row next to me. As I walked past him on the way to the wedding area I heard him mutter, “Why doesn’t anybody do what I told them? Why do they all miss the rock where I told them to turn?”

Curious. I don’t recall him mentioning anything about a rock. Did I miss that or did he only think he said that? Did it occur to him that if 10 or 12 people didn’t follow his instructions that maybe his instructions were not clear? I overheard him repeating this same compliant while we were seated and waiting for the wedding to begin. I bit my tongue and didn’t point out the obvious answer to his question. If nobody followed your instructions it might have been because they didn’t understand them.

You might have meant well and you might have had a clear picture in your mind of what you wanted. But if you don’t convey that picture it won’t happen and you have no one to blame except yourself.

Where do you want us to park?

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Dr. Jim Anderson said...


Good post. Once again we've got to ask ourselves, if the audience doesn't "get" what we are trying to tell them, then is it there fault or ours?

- Dr. Jim Anderson
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