McCain Dealing Poorly with the Age Question: Video

The previous post shows a masterful example of Ronald Reagan dealing with a tough question - specifically about being an old man - maybe too old for the job of president.

Here's a video of senator McCain dealing with the same question. He starts off well but ends badly by insulting the questioner. That is the worst way to handle a question. Never insult your audience regardless of how much they might misunderstand or disagree with you.

Perhaps McCain was trying to be cute or funny. Yes, people laughed - but at what expense?

McCain didn't like the question or his own answer so he called the questioner a jerk. What kind of leader is that? If McCain was satisfied with his own answer he would not have needed to insult the student who asked the question.

'You jerk."

What was that?

Learn the difference between your inside voice and your outside voice - and expect the obvious questions.

If you are an old guy, people will ask you about your old age. If you are a young person, you will be asked about your lack of experience. If you are a small company you will be asked about your capability. Thank people for their questions. Give the answer that you prepared and look confident. Enjoy your victory. Never call them jerks - out loud.

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George Torok said...

McCain also lied during his asnwer. He stated that he works "24 - 7".

That's clearly not possible and not believable.

He clearly was blindsided by this obvious question.

George Torok said...

Reagan's responce is legend and well known especially to political advisors and speech coaches.

You would think that McCain and/or his handlers would have watched the Reagaon video and prepared.