Power Presentations Tip 43: 3 Elements for a Successful Presentation

Do these 3 things to be successful

3.Move to Action

A poor presentation often includes just one of them.


One of your purposes is to give your audience information. That doesn't need to be totally new. It only needs to be relevant at this time. If could even be a new perspective.

The most common mistake when delivering information is to give "too much" information. The worst presenters simply dump information.

The key to success is to deliver the most relevant information that your listeners need at this time to make the decision to do what you want them to do. It's your job to present the most important information. You are not speaking to demonstrate all that you know. You are speaking to move people.


Every presentation needs to include some form of entertainment. Why? That's what keeps the audience awake and attentive. The entertainment needs to be sprinkled throughout your presentation.

One way to entertain them is with humor. But don't tell jokes. The best form of humor is to tell a funny story about something silly that you did. Don't tell the story because it's funny. Tell it to make the point. The laughter is a bonus.

Another way to entertain them is by engaging them in discussion. Ask them questions or answer theirs. Rhetorical questions also engage them.

Move to Action

Tell them what you want them to do next. Do you want them to sign the order, donate for the cause or vote for you? Make the desired action clear. Don't make them guess. Don't fumble your opportunity by hinting or implying. Tell them - don't ask them.

Airline staff do this well. They say, "Fasten your seatbelt please." They don't hint or ask "Would you fasten your seatbelt please." They are polite while they tell passengers what to do. You can do the same if you believe in the value of what you are selling.

George Torok

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