Always be Prepared for Your Worst Question: Reagan Video

While preparing to give your presentation - consider the questions you might be asked. Always think of the toughest questions that might be posed. That might be that your price is too high, your experience is limited, your company is too small...

Don't waste your time praying that they wouldn't ask. Instead, plan and rehearse how you will respond. Your calm and confident reponse might be the tipping point that closes the deal for you.

Watch how Ronald Reagan handled the tough question about his age in this debate during his campaign for re-election as US president. He was the already the oldest president and he was running for his second term. It was easy to suggest that he might be too old for the job.

Some experts suggest that it was this reply that tipped the election in his favor.

You know that his reply was not off the cuff. He was prepared. Watch his face as the question starts to unfold. Notice how patiently he waits for the questioner to finish to heighten the tension.

This was a masterful example of dealing with your worst question. The reply was so good that that even the opponent laughed. I think that Reagan was so pleased with himselft that he took that drink of water so he won't giggle.

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