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Ensure your that audience is engaged and understands the ideas you are putting forward
Tuesday, February 15, 2011, By Fiona Collie

An engaging seminar presentation can be a powerful tool for building relationships with clients and prospects.

A successful presentation needs more than just great information, says Lisa Braithwaite, a public-speaking coach in Santa Barbara, Calif. “People want to relate to you,” she says. “They want to be able to trust you and they want to be able to have a relationship with you.”

To gain that trust and build relationships, follow these public-speaking tips:

1. Speak upMake sure you’re speaking at the right volume.

Most people speak too softly when they’re presenting, says George Torok, owner of in Burlington, Ont. Project your voice so you can be heard by the entire group. Just be careful not to yell.

2. Take your time

Slow down and give the audience time to hear your words.

Remember, the audience doesn’t know your speech the way you do. Give them time to absorb the information and follow your presentation.

Says Torok: “Your listeners have to hear the words, digest the words and think about them.”

3. Take breaks

Pause occasionally to emphasize important points. Pausing before and after you say something significant can serve to underline that point’s importance, Torok says. “The effect is like putting air quotes around [the phrase].”

Pausing also makes you appear confident. Stand quiet in front of the audience before you start, Torok says. Pausing for eight seconds before you begin will compel audience members to focus their attention on you.

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