Make a Room Appear Fuller

Arrange the room to look full

Sometime you might be speaking in a room that is too big for the audience. That has at least two negative effects on your audience.

The empty space drains away the energy that you are trying to create in the room. It's always easier to speak to a packed room versus a half empty room.

The empty space sends the message that you expected more people and that the topic of your presentation didn't draw the interest that you hoped for. The attendees might be seconding themselves about attending your presentation if it was shunned by others. 

So how to you make a room look and feel fuller?

10 Tips for making a “too large” room look fuller

  1. Fill the seats near the front
  2. Move the chairs farther apart
  3. Add tables – “rounds” take up the most space
  4. Place fewer chairs at each table
  5. Dim or turn off the lights at the back of the room
  6. Create a larger stage area at the front
  7. Arrange plants or partitions to block off part of the room
  8. Sit people so they are faced towards a full room
  9. Place tables around the outside with product displays
  10. Move about the room to use more of the space

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